it does not mean

to be in a place

where there is

no noise, trouble

or hard work.

it means to be

in the midst

of those things

and still

be calm

in your heart.





integrating mind with heart, body with spirit

Therapy is held in a comfortable, safe, pleasant and beautiful environment.


  • Feeling a lack of power or connection or self value.
  • Expanding beyond limitations.
  • Life changes and transitions.
  • Parenting/family support and psycho-educational guidance.
  • Coping with trauma, stress, loss and crisis.
  • Lack of purpose or direction.
  • Relationship disharmony.
  • Coping with pain and illness.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Psycho-spiritual issues.

Kimberly offers counseling and psychotherapy for adults, children and adolescents. Each session and therapeutic experience are  tailored to the needs and essence of each unique person and relationship. Her work is practical, kind, supportive, enlivening. She offers a heartfelt and healing partnership that is caring, compassionate and deeply respectful.

Sessions are offered in person, by phone, and by Skype for individuals and couples. In addition to the traditional reasons therapy is helpful, Kim's distinctive approach is ideal for enhancing personal, professional and psycho-spiritual development.  

You are welcome to call with any questions to determine if it is most helpful and appropriate to work together.

Information for new clients:

"Feelings like disappointment, embarrassment,

irritation, resentment, anger, jealousy, and fear,

instead of being bad news, are actually very clear moments that teach us where it is that we're holding back"

- Pema Chodron

  • Assertiveness and boundaries
  • Enhancing interpersonal communication
  • Creativity and motivation
  • Gaining insight and understanding of the origin of issues and concerns
  • Connecting more deeply with self and others
  • Finding a greater sense of purpose
  • Enhancing joy, ease, relief, relaxation and feeling uplifted
  • Personal empowerment and freedom
  • Deeper sense of clarity, understanding and  self discovery
  • More global  perspective on life's circumstances

Doing inner work can help with:

INSURANCE. Many plans are accepted. If Kim is not a provider with your company, you may want to inquire about out-of-network benefits with your policy.

COPAYMENTS are accepted at the time of the session unless previous arrangements have been made. Payment can be presented in the form of credit card, check or cash.

SESSION TIMING.  Sessions are 50 minutes unless otherwise arranged.

CANCELLATION POLICY. Time in therapy is precious. When canceling appointments, please provide at least 24 hours prior notice to your scheduled appointment time. Appointments missed or not cancelled within this time frame will be charged in full. Insurance does not pay for missed or cancelled sessions. 

When cancelling an appointment, please leave a message on Kim's confidential voice mail at (518) 466-5938 or text indicating your name.

Issues and concerns for therapy:

Therapy for individuals, couples & families

Kimberly Marks