it does not mean

to be in a place

where there is

no noise, trouble

or hard work.

it means to be

in the midst

of those things

and still

be calm

in your heart.



"I combine psychotherapy, intuition, and ancient universal principles with tools from complementary and

traditional approaches to healing.

This strengths-based, uplifting approach frames life adaptively and with great compassion -- which leads to greater clarity, objectivity and personal empowerment.

Let's find new meaning to our experiences, 

and create the lives we desire!"

                                                                           - Kimberly Marks, LCSW

Therapy and Wellness

To contact Kimberly: or call or text:​ 

(518) 466-5938

Please allow up to 48 business hours for a response.


Coming soon!

An online opportunity for those interested in delving deeper into their inner work and exploring high-vibrational living.

Conscious Living Course



integrating mind with heart, body with spirit

Kimberly Marks

Each week join in to hear about areas of healthy living inspired from therapeutic conversations. 

Body, mind, emotions, behaviors: how do each of these dimensions relate and interact? Learn how to bring balance to your life! 

Free Webinar

An eclectic blend of psychotherapy,  insight awareness, energy healing approaches, and  ancient wisdom traditions.

Create the life you want!